Rihanna and Drake relationship rumours continue

Rihanna and Drake relationship rumours continue

Robyn Rihanna Fenty born in saint Michael a Barbadian raised in Bridgetown commonly known as Rihanna has been off the spot light for a while, so we decide to see what has she been up to.

Rihanna and Drake have seen to be dating in the past, well this is after they work hit song that trended for a long period of time. This might to be the case for the male celebrity Drake is like he is crushing on Jennifer Lopez a mother of two. This is after Jennifer posted an image of a selfie of her and Drake on Instagram.

Well its believe this started occurring after Rihanna and drake split ways. Does this mean we are not going to see more of Rihanna and Drake? Well time will tell.12 years back the line Nigel Wright and Lloyd Webber thought that Rihanna is one the best sing but surprisingly this was just a thought, Lloyd Webber saw Rihanna perform with a band in Barbados and did not sign her, does this mean that Rihanna is not that good singer for the music producer?

Or should Rihanna polish key areas to prove her worth? Well that’s now up to Rihanna to work on.Now that the truck of the years goes to Rihanna work, what does this mean to her? Well its long since a truck like that toped. This might tell us how hard Rihanna is working despite the ups and downs in her life.Well know we are pace with all that is taking place in Rihanna’s circle of life.

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